Leontios (Englistriotis) of Chytroi

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His Grace, the Most Reverend Leontios (Englistriotis) of Chytroi is the titular Bishop of Chytroi and abbot of the Holy Monastery of Agios Neophytos under the jurisdiction of the Church of Cyprus.


The future bishop Leontios was born in the village of Agios Ermolaos, Kyrenia, Cyprus on August 7, 1946. After completing his elementary education in 1958, Leontios joined the Monastery of Agios Neophytos as a lay-brother. After three years at the monastery, Leontios continued his education at the gymnasium in Paphos, graduating in 1967.

Upon completing his schooling, Leontios entered the Holy Orders when he was ordained a deacon in 1967. For the next five years he served at the monastery. In 1972, Dn. Leontios enrolled in the Theological Faculty of the University of Athens, graduating in 1976. After his graduation, he was ordained presbyter by Abp. Macarios III of Cyprus, and subsequently was raised to the dignity of archimandrite.

In 1978, after the abbot of Agios Neophytos Chrysostomos was elected Bishop of Paphos the brotherhood of Agios Neophytos elected Archim. Leontios abbot of the monastery. He was enthroned abbot on March 5, 1978 by the Archbishop Chrysostomos I of Cyprus.

On May 22, 2007, Abbot Leontios was elected bishop by the Holy Synod of the Church of Cyprus with the title Bishop of Chytroi. He was consecrated and enthroned on June 24, 2007 in the Katholikon of the Monastery of Agios Neophytos.

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