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Pope John IX of Rome was the pope of the Church of Rome from 898 to 900. His pontificate was during the factional struggles in Italy during the ninth and tenth centuries. Acknowledged to have been both intelligent and moderate, John pursued a course of action with a view to diminishing the violence among the factions in Rome.


Little is known of the early life of Pope John. He was born in Tivoli, near Rome, at an unknown date, the son of Rampoaid. He was ordained a priest by Pope Formosus and had the support of the powerful ducal House of Spoleto. After the sudden death of Pope Theodore II, the Spoleto faction backed John's candidacy for the papal throne over that of Sergius, later Sergius III, of the other factions.

John was consecrated pope in January 898. After his consecration, John held a number of synods in Rome and elsewhere that confirmed the judgment of Pope Theodore in granting Christian burial to Pope Formosus and also, at a council held at Ravenna, decreed that the records of the so-called Cadaver Synod (Synodus Horrenda) held by Pope Stephen VI that had condemned Formosus should be burned. Alsothe council decreed those clergy who had been degraded by Stephen were restored to the ranks from which he had deposed them. To allow the Slavs of Moravia to be independent of the German hierarchy, John consecrated a metropolitan and three bishops for the Church of the Moravians.

Pope John IX reposed in the year 900 and was succeeded by Pope Benedict IV.

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John IX of Rome
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