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A council, often called the Great Council or Great and Holy Council, to gather the primates of all the autocephalous and autonomous Orthodox churches has been called for June 19-26, 2016. The council was originally slated to be held at the Church of Hagia Irene, the site of the Second Ecumenical Council, but due in part to the strained political relations between Russia and Turkey, the venue was changed to the Orthodox Academy of Crete.

History and preparations

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The 14 Orthodox churches attending the council include:

Patriarch John of Antioch, Metropolitan Savvas of Warsaw and All Poland, and Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece will not attend the council personally.


  1. Orthodox Diaspora.
  2. Autocephaly and its manner of proclamation.
  3. Autonomy and its manner of proclamation.
  4. The Diptychs.
  5. The matter of a common calendar.
  6. Impediments of marriage.
  7. Adaptation of Church regulations on fasting.
  8. Relations of the Orthodox churches with the rest of the Christian world.
  9. Orthodoxy and the Ecumenical Movement.
  10. Contribution of the local Orthodox Churches to the prevalence of the Christian ideals of peace, liberty, brotherhood and love among peoples, and the lifting of racial and other discrimination.

The agenda items of the Diptychs, autocephaly, and the common calendar have been removed from the agenda following the pre-conciliar primatial synaxis held in Chambésy, Switzerland, in January 2016.

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