Athanasius III of Alexandria

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His Beatitude Athanasius III of Alexandria was the Patriarch of the Church of Alexandria from 1276 to 1316. However, due the persecutions of Christians in Egypt, Patr. Athanasius lived in exile in Constantinople and Crete during most of his patriarchate.


Little is known of his life. With the Church of Alexandria still under persecution by the Muslim Arabs while he was patriarch, Athanasius fled Egypt and sought refuge in Constantinople.

In Constantinople, Patr. Athanasius became involved in the on-going dispute over the reunion of Lyons that was instituted by emperor Michael III Palaiologos and defended by Patr. John XI Bekkos. The reunion ended with the succession of emperor Andronicus II Palaiologos and Patr. Athanasius I of Constantinople.

With the traumatic state of affairs in the Church of Constantinople during his exile from Egypt, Patr. Athanasius resided principally in a monastery in Crete that belonged to the Church of Sinai, where he reposed.

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Athanasius III of Alexandria
Preceded by:
Nicholas II
Patriarch of Alexandria
1276 - 1316
Succeeded by:
Gregory II
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