Tikhon II of Kazan

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His Eminence Tikhon II of Kazan was the eighth Archbishop of the Eparchy of Kazan under the jurisdiction of the Church of Russia. While he succeeded Archbishop Cosmas, who died in 1583, and was succeeded by Metropolitan Hermogen, who was consecrated in 1589, the date of the beginning of his episcopate is not known.


Little is known of the life of Abp. Tikhon. As its abbot he led the defense of the Dormition Monastery of the Caves in Pskov during the attack of 1581-1582 by the Polish king Stephen Batory. At an unknown year after the attack, he was consecrated to the episcopate. As archbishop of the Eparchy of Kazan, he participated in the council in January 1589 that elected Bishop Job the first patriarch of the Church of Russia.

After the council, the see of Kazan was raised to that of a Metropolitanate, but whether Abp. Tikhon was still living at the time is unknown as Metropolitan Hermogenes' consecration also occurred in 1589.

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Tikhon II of Kazan
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