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Nicholas Pavlovich Rayev

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Nicholas Pavlovich Rayev was the Ober-Procurator of the Apostolic Governing Synod of the Church of Russia for seven months prior to the "February" Revolution of 1917.


Nicholas Pavlovich was born in 1857. He was appointed Ober Procurator on August 7, 1916 as a state counselor and member of the Council of the Ministry of Education. He was the last of a number of short term procurators who held the office in the ten years before the abdication of Emperor Nicholas II in early March 1917. He resigned on March 3, 1917, following the emperor's abdication.

Nicholas Pavlovich was on good terms with Rasputin during the time Rasputin was a close confident of Empress Alexandra and was noted to have met with him. On February 27, 1917, Nicholas Pavlovich submitted a proposal of condemnation of the revolutionary movement to the Holy Synod that rejected it.

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Nicholas Pavlovich Rayev
Preceded by:
Alexander Nikolayevich Volzhin
Succeeded by:
Vladimir Nikolayevich Lvov
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