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Pope Stephen II of Rome was a Pope of the Church of Rome who was elected to the papal see in 752 after the repose of Pope Zacharias but died four days later before his consecration. This succession has resulted in confused regnal numbering for the popes when the Annuario Pontificio de-listed Stephen II and listed his successor, Stephen III, as Stephen II (III).


Little is known of the life of Stephen II. A cardinal presbyter, he was elected unanimously to succeed Pope Zacharias, but he died on the fourth day after his election from apoplexy (stroke).

Originally the person elected to the office of bishop of Rome was not considered officially to be pope, and early writers did not appear to have included him in the list of the popes. However, in accordance with the later practice of the Roman Church, the Annuario Pontificio included this Stephen in its list of popes as Pope Stephen II until the Second Vatican Council of 1962-1965 when the Council declared that he was not a pope. Since then, his successor, also a Stephen (reigned 752–757), who had been referred to as Stephen III in the Annuario Pontificio, has been listed as Stephen II (III).[1]


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