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(RSS, Atom, etc.)

For more information about RSS and news syndication, see:

About RSS/Atom Syndication

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Syndication allows for content from one website to be displayed somewhere outside the original page where it is posted via "feeds". RSS and Atom feeds are available from many websites in order to enable readers to keep up with current content without having to remember to click over to each site every day.

The following is an article from Zapier.com about syndication options in 2018: Best RSS Feed Reader Apps

Also, many blogging platforms (eg. Wordpress, LiveJournal) allow for syndication through their sites. In some cases, one doesn't need the address of the feed, but rather just the address of the site.

OrthodoxWiki Newsfeeds

OrthodoxWiki newsfeeds for recent changes can be found here: RSS and Atom. For new pages: RSS and Atom. Many other Special pages also have newsfeeds available (e.g. "popular pages", "users", "wanted pages", etc.).

Syndication of Orthodox Blogs

These days, most major blogging platforms, as well as sites such as YouTube, allow for RSS or Atom feeds to syndicate individual blogs. (Facebook allowed this, to a limited extent, for awhile but has now disallowed that feature.) Please see the Orthodox Blogs page to peruse those.

The following are compilation RSS feeds ("mixes") of categories from the Orthodox Blogs page. They can be used as single feeds to an RSS reader, they can be used to build an OPML file, or they can be used to be deconstructed for the individual feed addresses.

Orthodox News services, etc.


For newsfeeds for email groups and forums, please see Online Orthodox Communities