Nicholas Egorevich Mitropolsky

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Nicholas Egorevich Mitropolsky (b Nov 1846, Kaluga, Kaluga Oblast, Russia - d 7 September 1921, Sonoma, California) was the brother of John (Mitropolsky) of the Aleutians and a priest in the Church of Russia.

Nicholas Egorevich Mitropolsky was born in Kaluga, Russia in 1846. He originally came to the United States in 1870, accompanying his brother, and settled down in San Francisco in order to help Bishop John. At first he served as a reader, then as a deacon, then was ordained to the priesthood. By 1881, he was serving at the Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel in Sitka, Alaska, after which he became the priest Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church (Kenai, Alaska) and served there from 1888-1892. Following this, he returned to San Francisco. In the journals of Fr. Alexander Kukulevsky dating back to 1903, Fr. Nicholas was already in poor health and did not take part in the day-to-day functions of the Church there.

Fr. Nicholas was married to a woman by the name of Maria Kashevaroff, a native of Alaska (and sister to Fr. Andrew Kashevaroff), and together they were the parents to many children, one of which, Fr. Nicholas N Mitropolsky, would become a priest as well. Fr. Nicholas fell asleep in the Lord in California in 1921.