John XVII of Rome

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Pope John XVII of Rome was the Pope of the Church of Rome for less than a year during 1003. Nothing of his activities during his short tenure as pope have come down to the present day.


Pope John was born John Sicco, son of a John Sicco in Biveretica near Rome. The date of his birth is unknown. He married and had three sons, all of whom entered the Holy Orders.

After the death of Pope Silvester in May 1003, John was put forward as his successor by the Roman noble John Crescentius, who maintained political power in the city of Rome. John was elected on May 16, 1003 and consecrated pope on June 13. His time as pope was short as he died on November 6, 1003. He was buried in the Latheran Basilica.

Confusion over regnal numbers

When John Sicco was elevated to pope he followed Pope John XVI and thus took the regnal of XVII. However, John XVI, who had been placed on the papal cathedra by the Crescentius faction, was excommunicated by a synod of bishops and became considered to be an anti-pope. However, a correction of the regnal numbering did not occur, and the sequencing has never been corrected.

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