Ignatios (Lappas) of Larisa

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His Eminence Ignatios (Lappas) of Larisa and Tyrnavos is the Metropolitan of the Metropolis of Larisa and Tyrnavos under the jurisdiction of the Church of Greece.


Iakovos Lappas was born in 1946 in Salamina on the island of Salamis in the Saronic Gulf. His education included studies in law as well as theology. Entering the Holy Orders, Iakovos was ordained a deacon in 1976 and received the ecclesiastical name of Ignatios. His ordination into the priesthood followed later in the same year.

In 1994, Father Ignatios was elected to the episcopacy and was consecrated the Metropolitan of Larisa and Tyrnavos on May 28.

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Ignatios (Lappas) of Larisa
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