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Talk pages are an integral part of OrthodoxWiki. There are at least two kinds of talk pages: talk pages for users and talk pages related to articles or project pages.

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Here are some tips for using talk pages:


  • Sign your comments.
    • You can sign your comments by putting four tildes after them: ~~~~ or by clicking the "signature" box just above the edit box (second from the right).
  • Place your new comments at the bottom of the section or page.
  • Do not edit someone else's comments unless this is to correct a broken link or remove vandalism.
  • Do not edit your comments after they have been responded to; simply state your revision.
  • You may indent your response with one additional colon at the very beginning of a line.

User talk pages

When there is a new message on a user's talk page, when he logs in, he will see a brightly-colored box at the top of any page on OrthodoxWiki with a link to his talk page. This box will disappear when the user checks the page.

  • When you wish to leave a comment for another user, go to that user's talk page and comment.
  • If you place a response on your own talk page, do not expect it to be read or noticed.

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