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Eulogius of Alexandria

Our father among the saints Eulogius of Alexandria was the Patriarch of Alexandria of the Church of Alexandria from 579 to 607. He fought vigorously against the heresies of his day, particularly the various phases of Monophysitism. His feast day is February 13.


A Syrian by birth, Eulogius embraced the monastic life at a young age. Little else is known of his youth. Watching as the errors of Eutyches threw the Churches in Syria and Egypt into confusion, which led many monks into loose morals and errors of faith, Eulogius learned from their fall to be more watchful and stand firmly upon his guard as he maintained the purity of his faith and doctrine. He was ordained a priest in Antioch by Patr. Anastasius I of Antioch and became the igumen of the monastery of the Mother of God in Antioch.

In 580, he was chosen patriarch of Alexandria. About the year 582, Patr. Eulogius met the future Pope Gregory i in Constantinople and developed a friendship with him. Of his correspondence with Pope Gregory between 595 and 600, only Gregory's letters are extant. In one of these, written probably in June 598, the Gregory gives details of St. Augustine of Canterbury's successful mission in England.

Patr. Eulogius reposed in 607.


In his works Patr. Eulogius refuted the Novationists, some communities of which still existed in his diocese during his time. He vindicated the hypostatic union of the two natures in Christ against both Nestorius and Eutyches. In addition to various works and commentaries against heretics, he wrote eleven discourses in defense of Pope Leo I and the Fourth Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon. Of his works, only a sermon, for Palm Sunday, and a few fragments have survived to this day.

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Eulogius of Alexandria
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