Andrew (Komarov) of Dnepropetrovsk

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Archbishop Andrew (secular name Anatoly Andreyevich Komarov) was the archbishop of Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye.


When Abp. Andrei became the ruling bishop of the Diocese of Kazan, there was only one functioning church in the city of Kazan. For 10 years, the Church of Wonderworkers of Yaroslavl, located at the entrance to the Arsky cemetery, served as the Cathedral Church for the diocese. Additionally, after 1939 there were only two functioning churches in the whole of the Tatar republic, the cathedral in Kazan city and a church in the town of Menzelinsk, some two hundred miles east of Kazan.

Also, from 1938 only one hierarch served the Diocese of Kazan until the consecration of Archimandrite Anastasius (Metkin) as a vicar bishop in 1988. During that time there were no vicar bishops of the Eparchy of Kazan.

Abp. Andrei was succeeded in 1944 by Abp. Hilary (Iliin).

Succession box:
Andrew (Komarov) of Dnepropetrovsk
Preceded by:
Nikon (Purlevsky)
Archbishop of Kazan
1938 - 1944
Succeeded by:
Hilary (Iliin)
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