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My name is Ephraem Boyd.

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There are two
relatively mundane events that I think influenced my being drawn to the Orthodox Church:

  • Discovering the writings of Fr. Seraphim Rose in the library at the University of Oregon in the early 90's
  • Seeing in a bookstore window a very large poster of a dire looking schemamonk with the caption "The Real Superman". Not that I knew anything at all about schemamonks, but I could clearly see that this Christian monk was very much, spiritually speaking, heavy duty.

Yet in my worldly ways I continued to struggle with the foolishness of Christianity for another decade. Today, I am still wrestling with it!
Only now, I am wrestling with it, but with much hope and as a member of His Holy Church.

St. Ephrem the Syrian is my patron saint.

St. Ephrem the Syrian
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  • My primary interest is Church History, and in particular, its history in Northern Europe and America.
  • With the hope of expanding the scope of my inquiries I am learning Russian, but I am very much a struggling beginner in this endeavor.
  • I am the head librarian at our parish
  • I earned my Bachelor's degree in Geography from the University of Oregon
  • My dream jobs are to work in the Church's archives and to work on the preservation and physical restoration of sacred and/or religious texts.
  • My desire, here at Orthodoxwiki, is to learn as much as I can about Wiki, to spend my time profitably, to support and utilize this project, and to improve my writing and research practice.
  • As I am a newbie, any helpful suggestions or advice would be most appreciated.