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Shamassy Larissa, Deacon David, and one of the multitude of Keim children

About Me

My name is David B. Keim. I am a deacon of the Antiochian Archdiocese, attached to All Saints Orthodox Church in Raleigh, NC. I was ordained to the diaconate in October 2004 at the hand of His Grace, the Right Reverend ANTOUN, Bishop of Miami and the Southeast.

I have one wife, Shamassy Larissa (a/k/a Shell), and six lovely children. In my professional life, I am an attorney, practicing law in-house for a large software company.

I have law degrees from the Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William and Mary (LL.M., 1992) and Regent University School of Law (J.D., 1990). I have an undergraduate degree from Gardner-Webb University (B.A., 1987). I have completed the three-year St. Stephen's Course in Orthodox Theology.

I am one of the sysops for OrthodoxWiki. Feel free to leave any questions or comments on my Talk page.

I am especially interested in the liturgical life of the Church and the ministry of the deacon. Most of my contributions to OrthodoxWiki center on these themes.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo

I hereby reissue all of my edits before November 22, 2005, under both the GNU Free Documentation License as well as the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (version 2.5 or later), unless explicitly noted otherwise, in conformity with the revised OrthodoxWiki default copyright policy.

External Links

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  • As one of my projects for the St. Stephen's Course, I developed DISMISSAL, a Microsoft Windows-based application that generates the dismissals of various services for any day of the year. This application is freeware.