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Your account has been banned

After being issued multiple official warnings for uncivil behavior by a sysop, as set forth in OrthodoxWiki's official disciplinary policy, your account is being banned. If this is your first or second banning, it is for one week. If it is the third, your account has been banned permanently. In the case of a first or second banning, further uncivil behavior will result in another ban without being officially warned.

If this was a first or second ban and has expired, do not remove this notice when your account is reactivated. Doing so will be considered uncivil behavior and will result in another ban.

If you wish to appeal this ban, you may do so by and stating the reason why you believe this ban was issued in error.

The behavior for which you are being banned is:

This template displays the above text. It does not add the user page to any Category.

Sysops using this template: Place {{banned}} on the user's Talk page, followed by a description of the uncivil behavior being referenced. Also include the number of times the user has been banned before (if any).