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Western Rite

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The Nineteenth Century
However, his successes did not establish the Western Rite. Overbeck's marriage after his Catholic ordination was a canonical impediment to his ordination to the Orthodox priesthood; the Holy Synod of Greece vetoed his scheme amongst Orthodox Churches, pressuring Constantinople to retract its previous endorsement; the ''Orthodox Catholic Review'' ended its run; and by 1892, he admitted failure. Overbeck reposed in 1905.
One Western Rite parish briefly entered communion with the Orthodox Church in the Nineteenth Century. In 1890, a Swiss Old Catholic parish in Wisconsin pastored by Fr. Joseph Rene Vilatte approached Bp. Vladimir (Sokolovsky) about being received into Orthodoxy. Bp. Bishop Vladimir received them on May 9, 1891; however, Fr. Vilatte got ordained as an archbishop was consecrated to the episcopacy by hierarchs of the Syrian Orthodox [[Church of Antioch ("Jacobite"Syriac) church |Syriac Orthodox Church]] in India, among them Metropolitan [[Julius of Goa|Alvares Mar Yulios]] of Goa, on 29 May 29, 1892, and . He eventually led his parish back into Old Catholicism.
===The Twentieth Century===

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