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Western Rite

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External links
* [ Christ the Savior Monastery ROCOR Rhode Island]
* [ Worldwide directory of canonical Western Rite Orthodox communities]
* [http://memberswww.coxstgregoryoc.netorg/frnicholaslinks/parishes.htm western-rite-parish-directory/ Antiochian Western Rite Parishes] (North America, with links to parish sites)
*[http://memberswww.aolstgregoryoc.comorg/FrNicholasarticle/the-divine-liturgy.htm -according-to-the-rite-of-saint-gregory/ Text of the Liturgy of Saint Gregory]
*[ Text of the Liturgy of Saint Tikhon], though not in its authorized form.
*[ Text of the Sarum Rite Liturgy] as corrected for use within [[ROCOR]] by His Grace Archbishop Hilarion

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