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Philotheos (Zervakos) of Paros

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[[image:Philotheos_Zervakos.jpg|thumb|Philotheos Zervakos]]
Blessed Elder Archimandite '''Philotheos Zervakos''' (1884-1980) is a 20th-century [[Church of Greece|Greek Orthodox]] [[saint]]elder.
In 1980 the blessed Elder Philotheos died on the morning of [[May 8]]. His funeral was conducted by Archimandrite Dionysios of Simonopetra Monastery of [[Mount Athos|Mt Athos]]. His [[relics]] were laid to rest at the convent in Paros, in a place that he chose beside the chapel dedicated to his spiritual mentor, Saint [[Nectarios of Aegina]] ([[November 9]]).
He is classified as a Modern Orthodox Saint in the Greek Orthodox Church.
==In defence of His Spiritual Father, St. Nektarios of Aigina==
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