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Philotheos (Zervakos) of Paros

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[[image:Philotheos_Zervakos.jpg|thumb|Philotheos Zervakos]]
Blessed Elder Archimandite '''Philotheos Zervakos''' (1884-1980), is a 20th -century [[Church of Greece|Greek Orthodox ]] [[saint]].
Blessed Elder Archimandrite Philotheos (Zervakos) was born in the small and remote village of Pakia in Sparti, Peloponesse, Greece in the year 1884 and was given the name of Constantine at his [[Holy Baptism|baptism]]. From childhood he demonstrated an exceptional love for God.
In 1912, [[April 22]], Father Philotheos was [[ordination|ordained ]] to the [[presbyter|priesthood ]] by the '''Metropolitan Gabriel of Trifilia and Olympia'''. In 1924, he made an extensive [[pilgrimage ]] to the Holy land and Egypt. This is all described in his book published in 1925 ", ''Great and Wondrous Pilgrimages to Palestine and Sinai"''.
In 1930, Elder Ierotheos reposed , and Father Philotheos succeeded him as [[abbot ]] of Longovarda. By this stage, Father Philotheos had the reputation of a Saintsaint. In 1934, he makes made another pilgrimage, this time to Constantinople. He returns returned to Greece and founds the [[convent ]] of [[Panagia Myrtidiotissa]] '''Thapsanon''' (The Virgin of the Myrtle Tree) 4km from Lefkes on the island of Paros, Greece.
In 1980 the blessed Elder Philotheos dies died on the morning of [[May 8]]. His funeral was conducted by Archimandrite Dionysios of Simonopetra Monastery of [[Mount Athos|Mt Athos]]. His [[relics ]] were laid to rest at the convent in Paros, in a place that he chose beside the chapel dedicated to his spiritual mentor, Saint Nexktarios [[Nectarios of Aegina ]] ([[November 9]]).
He is classified as a Modern Orthodox Saint in the Greek Orthodox Church.
==In defence of His Spiritual Father, St. Nektarios of Aigina==
From the Holy Monastery of Panagia Myrtidiotissa, Elder Philotheos writes wrote a well -known apologetic in 1976 addressed to '''Archimandrite Cyprian''' <ref> 1. The most reverend Cyprian, Dr. Theol., is the Metropolitan of Oropos and Fili and President of the Holy Synod in Resistance, Orthodox Church of Greece. He is the spiritual son of the renowned Elder Philotheos.</ref>. This letter is considered of extreme historical importance in the Orthodox church Church since it is written in defence of his Spiritual spiritual father, St. [[Nektarios Nectarios of Aegina]].
:In the year of our Lord 1976, when seven years had already passed since we aligned ourselves with the Old Calendar movement on account of ecumenism (1969), we dedicated an entire issue of our periodical '''Άγιος Κυπριανός (No. 87 [March 1976], pp. 97-102)''' to refuting the slanders against St. Nectarios of Aegina (1846-1920) contained in a blasphemous book. This most blasphemous book—which was, unfortunately, the first in a series of similar ones—was, in essence, nothing more than a farrago of invectives, slander, and suspect historical evidence. It was written in a supercilious style and contained scurrilous expressions and was full of provocativeness, animosity, prejudice, curses, anathemas, and distortions. That same March, in 1976, we had the especial blessing of receiving a very valuable letter, full of godly and prophetic zeal, from the ever-memorable Elder Philotheos (Zervakos), who—as the Confessor of our spiritual Father, His Eminence, Metropolitan Cyprian—had given his blessing for us to join the Old Calendar movement and had encouraged us, in our further journey, with many and various letters, which we are intending to make public in due time.

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