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Television and video

"It would be a crime not to use television to spread the word of God. - Archpriest Dimitriy Sarnov, "Russian Orthodox Church goes on TV" (More details at "Orthodox Believers Get Own Channel")


For Orthodox service livestreams, please see List of Live Streams of Orthodox Christian Church Services.

As with Orthodox Blogs, opinions expressed, particularly by individuals, may or may not be the stance of the Orthodox Church.


  • International Orthodox Christian Charities Youtube
  • Orthodox Youth Directors of North America Youtube


  • Orthodox Church in America Youtube
  • OCA Diocese of the Midwest Youtube
  • OCA Diocese of New York and New Jersey Youtube
  • OCA Diocese of New York and New Jersey Department of Youth Ministry Youtube

  • ROCOR Eastern American Diocese Youtube

  • Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Western America Youtube
  • New Gracanica Department of Education Youtube


  • St Elisabeth Convent (Minsk, Belarus) Youtube Orthodox Life and Chants - English
  • St Tikhon Youtube


  • Annunciation Church (GOA), Rochester, New York, USA Youtube
  • Holy Trinity (OCA) Overland Park, Kansas, USA Youtube
  • St. George Cathedral (Antiochian) Wichita, Kansas, USA Youtube
  • St. Gregory (Antiochian Western Rite) Silver Spring, Maryland, USA Youtube
  • St. John (GOA), Tampa, Florida, USA Youtube
  • St. Mary (OCA), Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Youtube
  • St. Sava (Serbian) McKeesport, Pennsylvania, USA Youtube
  • St. Symeon (OCA), Birmingham, Alabama, USA Youtube



  • Male Choir "Paraclete" (Paraklit) from Valaam Monastery - Youtube
  • Kantorka - Carpatho-Russian Plainchant practice videos - Youtube


  • Ancient Faith Ministries Youtube (main channel)
  • Ancient Faith Kids Youtube (Youth channel)
  • Fr. John Peck/Asona Media Rumble
  • Orthodox Christian Fellowship Youtube
  • Y2AM - Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Youtube


  • George Michalopulos - Monomakhos Youtube
  • Jonathan Pageau - The Symbolic World Youtube


Radio and podcasts

Internet Radio


Ancient Faith Ministries

  • Close to Home by Molly Sabourin. Molly Sabourin is a freelance writer focusing on issues of family, faith, and community.
  • Coffee Cup Commentaries by Fr. Lawrence Farley. The Coffee Cup Commentary series provides daily (Mon-Fri) studies in the New Testament
  • Faith and Philosophy by Dr. Clark Carlton. Commenting on matters of faith, philosophy and Orthodoxy.
  • Frederica Here and Now by Frederica Mathewes-Green. This podcast features fresh reflections on Frederica’s travel and experiences.
  • Glory to God by Fr. Stephen Freeman. Thoughts and reflections on Orthodox theology and life.
  • Healing by Fr. George Morelli. Orthodox Spirituality and Psychology.
  • Orthodixie by Fr. Joseph Huneycutt. Humor and insight into life and spirituality.
  • Pilgrims from Paradise by Matthew Gallatin. Practical insight into life and theology from a popular author and speaker.
  • Saint of the Day by Dn. Jerome Atherholt. The Saint of the Day briefly tells the story of one of our venerable Saints we are commemorating for each day.
  • The Illumined Heart with Kevin Allen. Featuring insightful interviews on subjects of faith, theology, history, comparative religion and personal faith journeys with Eastern Orthodox Christians.
  • The Names of Jesus with Fr. Thomas Hopko. Fr. Thomas Hopko identifies the names bestowed on Christ by the Holy Scriptures and the Church Fathers and explains their significance.
  • Search the Scriptures by Dr. Jeannie Constantinou. Bible study, with early church history, theology, and patristics.
  • The Path by Fr. Tom Soroka. Listen to the daily scripture readings and thoughtful commentary with quotes from the Fathers. (Feb 2007-present)

Other Media Ministries

  • Come Receive the Light, the national Orthodox Christian radio program, broadcast on 17 radio stations throughout the U.S. & Bahamas. Archives available online.
  • Icons in Sound - Beautiful Orthodox sacred music and liturgical singing with Dr. Vlad Morosan.
  • Just Thinking - Current events, social trends and moral issues from an Orthodox point of view with Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News.


  • Detroit's Own Orthodox Radio Broadcast on WNZK 690 AM Sundays from 4pm-5pm (Eastern Time) in the Detroit, Michigan area. Streaming and podcasts available online. A ministry of The Council of Orthodox Christian Churches of Metropolitan Detroit.
  • Facing East, two Orthodox priests in central Massachusetts chatting
  • Orthodox Word Podcast - A source for the daily scriptural readings of the Orthodox Church. Each daily podcast also includes the hymns and readings from the Synaxarion for the Saints or Feast Day.
  • Saint Catherine Greek Orthodox Church, in Greenwood Village, Colorado, records all the sermons, educational lectures, retreats and special events and puts them in a podcast for listeners. Individual records are also available for download.



  • Our Life in Christ is an internet radio show based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Originally, they were doing live radio broadcasts on 1360 AM (KPXQ), a Protestant radio station of the Salem Network. Through this ministry they began to offer Orthodox apologetics to Protestants.


Lectures and Audio Books


The following podcasts discuss topics common to Orthodox and other eastern forms of Christianity.

  • psalmcast - A Presbyterian ministry which presents a musical rendition of a Psalm each day. They often feature music from Orthodox traditions. (Available through iTunes 4.9+.)
  • Theosis: A Journey from Lent to Pentecost. This podcast series is designed to help promote a deeper appreciation for Lenten and Eastern spirituality through the meditation on scripture and the writings of the Early Church Fathers.

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