Church of Piraeus 91.2 FM Greek Christian Radio

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The Church of Piraeus 91.2 FM Greek Christian Radio is a radio station in Athens, Greece that originally broadcasts programs related to Orthodox Christianity in the Greek language throughout Attica. With the addition of live streaming capabilities, the station now can reach Greek-speaking people in Europe and the MIddle East by transponders and satellite transmissions.

The Church of Piraeus began broadcasting in October 1988 as a local radio station of the Holy Metropolis of Piraeus then under the leadership of Metropolitan Callinicos of Piraeus. When the station first went on the air the programming was short, amounting only to a few hours a day. Over the following years the programming expanded until the whole 24 hour day has been covered. After some schedule adjustments, live broadcasts of Matins and the Divine Liturgy were added to the broadcast schedule. By the summer of 2004, the operation of the radio station began to fulfill the original plans of Metr. Callinicos, aided by the indispensable help of more than 500 people had offered their services free.

Today, the station, that consists of four modern digital studios, operates with a permanent staff of twenty staff members that produces the programs with the aid of 150 volunteer collaborators and production partners who produce 24 hours of programming without pay.

Under the spiritual guidance of the current Metropolitan of Piraeus, His Eminence Seraphim, the objective of the Church of Piraeus is to produce programs that express the truth of the Gospel, the doctrines of the Orthodox Christian faith, and the Tradition of the Church.


As a means of gaining financial support for the operation of the Church of Piraeus 91.2 FM, the Church of Piraeus organizes pilgrimages to different parts of the world that offer spiritual rewards that benefit the soul. These organized pilgrimages are always accompanied by clergy of the Metropolis of Piraeus.


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