Cenobium of the Annunciation (Ormylia, Chalkidiki, Greece)

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The Holy Cenobium of the Annunciation of the Mother of God, Ormylia (Chalkidiki, Greece), (also the Convent of the Annunciation) is a dependency of the Holy Monastery of Simonopetra, Mount Athos.

This women's monastery has been established since 1974, and in 1991 was officially recognized as a Patriarchal Dependency of Mount Athos Holy Monastery of Simonopetra.[1]

The choir of the monastery has produced several music compact disks.

Saints and Elders

Center for Social Advancement, Medical Prevention and Research, Panagia Philanthropini

Panagia Philanthropini, Center for Social Advancement and Medical Prevention and Research, (Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Who Loves Humankind) is located in northern Greece, near the town of Ormylia, Chalkidiki. The mother monastery, the Cenobium of the Annunciation of the Mother of God, is a large monastic community with over 120 nuns from various nations—the majority of whom hold university degrees. The convent is a dependency of the Monastery of Simonopetra on Mount Athos.

The Center was founded by Fr. Aimilianos (Vafeidis) of Simonopetra Monastery. Its mission is "to comfort and alleviate the suffering of human beings with emphasis on the poor and working class public without preference to race, nationality, gender, or creed."[2] It accomplishes this mission through "medical and educational services, scientific research, charitable and spiritual ministries."[2]

Ormylia Art Diagnosis Center

The Ormylia Art Diagnosis Center was founded in 1996 by the sisterhood of the women's monastery "to study and research with scientific methodology and adequacy the hagiographic tradition of the Orthodox Church, in order to decorate the Monastery Catholicon."[3]


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