Archdiocese of Naucratis

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The Holy Archdiocese of Naucratis and the Egyptian Nile is a titular diocese under the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria.


Naucratis was the first Greek settlement in Egypt, situated in the westernmost branch of the Nile, seventy kilometers after the cost. Until the rise of Alexandria and the sifting of the Nile, Naucratis was Egypt's most important harbor in antiquity. During Roman times, the place appears as a simple city in the Nile Delta.

Christianity probably reached Naucratis during the apostolic age. Its first known bishop is Harpocration, who is recorded to have been present in the First Ecumenical Council in 325. Nothing else is known about him. During the era of Saint Proterius (451–457), a certain Isaias is recorded as bishop of that city. From that time to the fall of Egypt in the 7th century, nothing else is known.

Ruling bishops

Ancient bishops
  • Harpocration (fl. 4th c.)
  • Isaias (fl. 5th c.)

(suppressed in the 7th century following the Islamic conquest of Egypt)

Modern bishops