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My name is DAVID COLLEDGE and I was born in 1950 in Scotland where I grew up, went to school and thence to university in England from where I graduated in 1973 with Honours in European History (Early Modern period) and French; I then worked for my family business until 1988 when I went to live in Chile where I have remained ever since working in a small business. My interest in Orthodox Christianity stems from my reading habits, in particular the influence the Greek Patristic Fathers had on Calvin. Contrariwise, I was brought up in my mother's religion as a Roman Catholic although I went to my father's old school (Protestant). Insofar as theology is concerned I am entirely self-taught; but Christian theology is what I find most interesting in respect of the work done by the (Greek) Fathers which resulted in the confession of the nature of the Trinity as expounded in the Nicene Creed.