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Gerasimos Kambites M.D. FRCPC, ordained by then Archbishop Vitaly of The Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia on Sunday of the Prodigal Son, 1983, in the presence of the myrrh streaming Icon of the Mother of God, known as "The Keeper of the Portal. Then married to Sarah Mukebezi Sempa of Uganda, they and their three children moved to Bukasa Island Uganda in March of 1983, to establish a Medical Clinic, a school and the "Annunciation Orthodox Church," of Uganda. Dr.Kambites wrote an article for National Geographic Magazine which had been published in July of 1980. This article led to the formation of the Bukasa Island Community Development Project which was an NGO. They arrived in Uganda as civil war erupted and through many trials and tribulations lived for five years in Lake Victoria's Sesse islands. In 1988, then Father Gerasimos, was arrested and held captive for ten days by a rogue colonel of the National Resistance Army (NRA) under President Yoweri Museveni. His family was also arrested and experienced terror at the hands the the military criminals. Fr.Gerasimos,released from prison on March 3, 1988 with the help of the American Ambassador and the International Red Cross to Uganda and was then deported to Kenya. His family followed six days later. The duties of the Church in Uganda were given to Matushka Sarah's brother who was ordained in the fall of 1988 by Metropolitan Vitaly. Fr. Christopher Walusimbi managed to complete the stone Church, provide food and sustenance for orphans Thanks to the generosity of the National Geographic Society, they were given funds and air transportation out of Uganda. Upon their return to Canada, father Gerasimos established, with the blessing of Metropolitan Vitaly, the Church of St. Xenia in Ottawa. When it became apparent that the establishment of the new missionary parish had taken more than seventy parishoners from Ottawa's Millenium Cathedral, Fr. Gerasimos was suspended by ROCOR until eventually the new parish was allowed to grow. Metropolitan Vitaly said, "No good shall come of this." By 1994, the Priestly marriage of Father Gerasimos and Matushka Sarah dissolved. Fr Gerasimos was returned to the laity in 1996, and practises Orthodox Psychiatry in Canada.