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Hesiqat is an inquirer into Orthodoxy who is under instruction within a parish of the Diocese of Chicago, Detroit, and Mid-America. He holds a Master of Arts Degree in Philosophy, with specific focus in the Phenomenological Tradition.

The moniker, Hesiqat, is a combination of "hesychasm" and "haqiqat" (Arabic for Truth or Reality). It is hoped that the baby steps of the current inquiry and worship will someday blossom into a full observance and watchful orientation within this tradition and ancient faith.

It is believed that certain (vertical) streams of the phenomenological reduction(s) or epoche are both commensurate and complimentary to the transformative and personal orientation of dispassion and heart-praying. To advance to such a level whereupon such could be explored would, for one thing, render this traveler exceedingly glad in having been preparing unawares all along for right glorification in the fullest sense.