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===About Me===
Fr. Justin

Second priest at St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church in Langley, BC, Canada, I am working as tech support and English/SS teacher in Traditional Learning Academy's School at Home Distance Learning program, and beginning the formation of a daughter-parish to St. Herman's in Vancouver, St. John the Theologian Orthodox Mission.

My journey to Orthodoxy from the "Plymouth Brethren" was a relatively lengthy and tumultuous one - I spent about eight years trying to disprove Orthodoxy and then two more years looking for a reason not to become Orthodox - but it's good to finally be "home" in every sense of the word! I enjoy reading, especially fantasy and science-fiction, writing, setting up and developing web-sites (see the partial list of my sites, below), and, most commonly in my very limited time off, spending time with my wife and two children.

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