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I, (Erich) Patrick T Enke, am a reader in the Antiochian archdiocese, who regrettably doesn't live up to the expectations of his lowly position, but hopes to make a positive contribution here and there. I converted in 2001 at Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church in Warrenville, Illinois, under Fr. William Caldaroni. I spent a year during graduate school at Saint Mary's in Hunt Valley, Maryland, with (now +ALEXANDER) Fr. Rafeek Muharij. For the last two years, my wife and I have been at St. James Orthodox Church under Fr. Mark Cranor, where I was tonsured a reader. We will be returning to Holy Transfiguration in 2007-8, God willing. I claim to know very little about Russian music/chant, and don't claim to chant Byzantine music correctly. I only try.

I have edited several wikipedia pages, though you can't trace me to them (I didn't have a username at that point). Some notable contributions were adding the section of pro-Marian statements by Protestants to the Virgin Mary page, correcting the translation and usage of agios on the saints page, and changing "wedded" to "betrothed" on the Mary page. I also started the Fuel Pump page :)

Some other things about me:

  • Professionally, I am a software designer and manager in Open Source technologies.
  • I use lilypond and LaTeX to typeset music
  • I enjoy the game of go, an Eastern game with deeper stategy and simpler rules than chess. Go holds a special place in my heart, since I was able to recognize the Easternness in the Orthodox church from my experience with go.

Some of my weaknesses (pray for my soul, please):

  • very little faith. Do I actually believe anything the church teaches? If so, then my life would be different...
  • I only speak this humbly (or at all show that I'm Orthodox) when speaking to or around other Orthodox
  • being overly concerned with what others think of me
  • not living moderately and temperately
  • not living up to my responsibilities
  • being judgmental