Theophilus II (Pankostas) of Alexandria

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Theophilus II (Pankostas) of Alexandria was the Patriarch of Alexandria of the Church of Alexandria from 1805 to 1825.


Patriarch Theophilus II, a nephew of Patriarch Parthenius II of Alexandria whom he succeeded on the Patriarchal throne, was born on the island of Patmos in 1764. The activities of his early life are unknown. Patr. Theophilus was installed as Patriarch of Alexandria on November 21, 1805. He served as patriarch during the time Mohammed Ali served as viceroy of Egypt. In a political atmosphere of dramatic reforms in the military, economic, and cultural spheres that Mohammed Ali instituted, Patr. Theophilus encouraged the immigration of Greeks to Egypt. Supporting the immigration, he founded a Greek school and hospital and thus strengthened the revival of the Church of Alexandria in Egypt.

When he became ill in 1812, Patr. Theophilus moved back to Patmos to recuperate. While there he was initiated into the Society of Friends (Filiki Eteria), a secret organization dedicated to the overthrow of Ottoman rule over Greece and the establishment of an independent Greek state. When the Greek Revolution began during the 1820s, Patr. Theophilus again returned to Patmos where he remained during the struggle for independence.

As Theophilus remained away from Alexandria and was not fulfilling his duties, the Ottoman government objected to his lengthy absence and pressed the Patriarchate in Constantinople to take action against him. On October 26, 1825, Patriarch Chrysanthus convened a synod in Constantinople which suspended Theophilus from his duties as patriarch of Alexandria.

After his deposition,Theophilus remained on Patmos until his repose on February 5, 1833.

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Theophilus II (Pankostas) of Alexandria
Preceded by:
Parthenius II
Patriarch of Alexandria
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Hierotheus I
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