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I would really appreciate some suggestions as I mold this series. I know I have my own interests as I learn about Orthodoxy, but I know others think of other things when they want an introduction. --[[User:Joe Rodgers|Joe ( talk » inspect » chat )]] 14:07, 4 Jul 2005 (EDT)

I think this is a great idea, Joe - very appropriate and useful. I can see why you wanted to use the "God the..." titles here. I don't think you need to change them, although perhaps you can just alter the links (you can do it like this by putting a '|' after the link and then writing a different text as the description). You might want to change "Sacraments" to "Holy Mysteries"... I've got to go, but I'll check it out again soon. Fr. John
Maybe we could highlight issues of difference between Orthodoxy and a particular other church. For instance, I converted from Catholicism, so I would have been interested in knowing the differences and history between Orthodoxy and Catholicism. I'm somewhat at a loss for article titles. Perhaps something like "Coming to Orthodoxy from X" or "Journeys to Orthodoxy from X", in the category of "Journeys to Orthodoxy"? We might move (or just use) some links from the category page or article page. —magda 19:38, 5 Jul 2005 (EDT)