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Internet Relay Chat (or IRC)

An official IRC channel has been created for the OrthodoxWiki: #orthodoxwiki on freenode.net. The channel is a place for live discussion about work on the wiki. Please feel free to use it as an addendum to wiki discussion via article talk pages.
Note: This channel is unmoderated.

Our channel is registered through freenode and classifies as a primary, on-topic channel because it is used to primarily talk about official work on the wiki. We are further classified as a Web Media channel, as we are an online community reference site. You can find out more about freenode at their frequently asked questions page.

Quick access: Freenode webchat (use "#orthodoxwiki" for "Channels")

IRC Tutorial

In order to use IRC you must have an IRC client. This is, generally, a small piece of software installed locally on your computer. IRC is sometimes considered the grandfather of modern instant messaging. You may be more familiar with instant messaging using software packages like AOL, Yahoo!, or MSN Instant Messager.

You can easily find a list of IRC clients available for your operating system. The following tutorial assumes you will be using ChatZilla as an extension to the Mozilla Firefox internet browser.

Using IRC with Mozilla Firefox

Step 1. Installing ChatZilla

An IRC extension can be downloaded for Mozilla Firefox. Follow these instructions to get started:

  1. If you don't already have Firefox, visit Mozilla's website and download Firefox
  2. After you open Firefox for the first time, select Tools from the menu bar and then select Extensions. The Extensions pop-up window should appear.
  3. Select Get More Extensions from the bottom menu options
  4. A new window should pop-up and should take you to Mozilla's Extension repository.
  5. Find the search box (possibly located at the top) and search for ChatZilla
  6. Select ChatZilla from the search results
  7. Select the Install Now option on the extension page.
    1. A prompt should appear, reading something like "A web site is requesting permission to install the following item:"
    2. Select Install Now
  8. Restart Firefox

Step 2. Using ChatZilla for the first time

  1. Open Firefox
  2. Select Tools then ChatZilla from the menu bar. This should open up a new window with ChatZilla.
  3. When you first connect to a server with ChatZilla, you are prompted to enter a nickname. We suggest using the nickname/username you have on the OrthodoxWiki, but you can user whichever nickname you like or is available.
  4. You should then see a command line with a blinking cursor. You will converse and type commands in this box

Step 3. Register your IRC nick

The command line is used for chatting and entering in software commands. To get the most out of your IRC experience it is probably a good idea to become familiar with some of the commands. Many commands start with /. So to execute a command you would type /command or /other-command. The following is a series of steps to help you register your preferred nickname when using IRC. There will be directions and then commands to type in.

  1. If you have not already, change your nickname to the one you would like register:
    • /nick your-preferred-name
      • your-preferred-name is the nickname you would like to go by, e.g. Spike, peggy, or IRCnewbie1
      • Be aware, someone may have already registed the nick you would like. The system will let you know if the name is already registered or if an unregistered user is currently using the nick
      • If someone is currently using the nick you would like, but has not registered it, there are a couple of options. One option is to choose another nick. Another option is to wait until they sign off, switch to that nick (using /nick your-preferred-name), and register it.
  2. Register your IRC nick:
    • /msg nickserv register your-password
  3. Add a valid email address.
    • To keep your email address private, first mark it as hidden:
      • /msg nickserv set hide email on
    • Set your email address:
      • /msg nickserv set email your-email@example.com
  4. Consider registering an alternate IRC nick, using the same password.
    • E.g. add an underline ("_") to your primary nick. For example, if your primary nick is foo, register foo_ as an alternate nick, if it's available.
    • While using your alternate nick, link it to your primary nick:
      • /msg nickserv link <primary-nick> <your-password>
  5. You could also configure ChatZilla to identify itself to nickserv automatically whenever it connects to freenode. This way you don't have to type in your password each time.
  • /desc can be used to briefly describe yourself to others, e.g. /desc Nick is a school teacher in Boises, Idaho. He has a website located at http://example.com
  • ChatZilla can do many more things. You can visit the Official ChatZilla FAQ for more information.

Step 4. Join the #orthodoxwiki IRC Channel

  1. Type /server irc.freenode.net or type in /networks and select freenode
  2. /join #orthodoxwiki
  3. When you are done chatting /disconnect

Other IRC Clients


The IRC channel is not officially part of OrthodoxWiki proper. OrthodoxWiki and its administration cannot accept responsibility for any of the information shared in an IRC channel.

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