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This template inserts the following (calculated on an over-all css size reduction to 100%):

{{ #ifeq: {{{resize|92%}}} 
| 100% 
| <references/> 
| <div style="font-size:92%"><references/></div> }}

The template should no longer be used with a "subst:"

The parameter (name: resize - default: 92%) reduces the size of the font of the footnotes text, e.g. {{FootnotesSmall|resize=90%}} would reduce the size of the footnotes text to 90% of its usual size. → Currently, {{FootnotesSmall|resize=100%}} gives the text the same size as elsewhere on the page, and all other values of the parameter (or no value) change the size to 92% of the lettering size on the rest of the page.

For readability it is however only exceptionally advised to reduce lettering size of footnotes, and not below 90%.

So, do not use Template:Tl, unless you're able to gain consensus that "special case" can be invoked for the article where you apply the template.

This template no longer contains a "help:" comment: preferably use Template:Tls, which can be used with a resizing parameter too (unnamed in that case!), but displays the help message