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Queanbeyan is not on the ACT. It is in NSW. chrisg 2006-05-27-2345 EAST

It's probably worth leaving in, albeit with a note, because according to the Australian Public Service a lot of people live in Queanbeyan but work in Canberra. — sτévο, at 09:07, May 27, 2006 (CDT)
I don't blame them one little bit. Who would want to live in the ACT when you can live in NSW  :)
ACT law does not apply in Queanbeyan. NSW law applies in Queanbeyan. To move a suspect from Queanbeyan to the ACT requires an extradiction order.
If people are going to look for all parishes in NSW, then the current arrangement is deficient because Queanbeyan is not listed there. chrisg 2006-05-28-0017
I've added Queanbeyan to NSW - it's under Q in the 'outside of Sydney', which itself is probably a bad heading - 'other', perhaps. — sτévο, at 09:22, May 27, 2006 (CDT)
what about 'regional' ? chrisg 2006-05-28-1302 EAST

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