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The recent canonical notes, ISTM, belong better in the Prerogatives of the Ecumenical Patriarchate article, probably in the main body of the text. Additionally, the accompanying commentary should be set in its context as being part of the Kollyvades movement of the time, expanded with the arguments of those on other sides of the question. —Fr. Andrew talk contribs 06:17, March 30, 2007 (PDT)

I have never seen any of the great canonists of the Church cited in support of the novel interpretation given to these canons by the ultramontane advocates of the EP's claims today. I would be interested in seeing such citations, if any exist. Frjohnwhiteford 10:38, March 30, 2007 (PDT)
I don't have the book on me at the moment, but I recall that there's a pretty detailed discussion of the question from the pro-missionary outlook (which is essentially how that view understands itself, i.e., that the EP has primary responsibility for missionary work outside canonical boundaries) in Metr. Maximos of Sardis's The Oecumenical Patriarchate in the Orthodox Church. It's one of those hard-to-get books in English, unfortunately. Anyway, perhaps if I get time at some point, I can summarize some of his arguments and citations.
Ideally, we want these articles to present both (or all) sides of these questions, at least the viewpoints held by the major parties, without presenting a value judgment on them. Several of the ancient churches have aligned with the EP on this question, so it's especially worth noting the EP's viewpoint, even if one disagrees with it. (I think it'd be worth noting even if they were alone in this regard.) —Fr. Andrew talk contribs 12:06, March 30, 2007 (PDT)

Church of Cyprus

The Autocephalous Church of Cyprus has five Bishoprics or Metropolis - is this any different to the Archdiocese of Cyprus under Constantinople? Why would we have a direct Archdiocese to Constantinople AND an Autocephalous arm? Any thoughts by those who know the history? Vasiliki 19:34, March 2, 2008 (PST) Hiya, now the Orthodox Church of Cyprus seems to be different to the Autocephalous Church of Cyprus, is this

I don't understand your question! The Church of Cyprus obtained its autocephaly in 341 and has been autocephalous since subject to invasions by Papel armies. In 341, it was the Church of Antioch that contended for primacy over Cyprus. As far as I know Constantinople has never had a claim. You might read the Cyprus related articles here in Orthodoxwiki and the many more in Wikipedia.Wsk 18:15, March 3, 2008 (PST)
It is not so much a question as it is a comment that we have contradicting information! Under this article, Church of Constantinople, there is "Archdiocese of Cyprus" and then we also have an article listing the churches under the autocephalous "Church of Cuprus" - these are completely different and I want clarification if that is intentional or an oversight. Vasiliki 18:29, March 3, 2008 (PST)
Whereabouts is this? The only time I can see Cyprus on this page is with the template of autonomous and autocephalous churches...
Of course, if it is there it's an oversight - the only Archdiocese there is the Autocephalous Church of Cyprus. — by Pιsτévο talk complaints at 18:37, March 3, 2008 (PST)
I think I see Vasiliki's problem. Using the phrase "Church of Cyprus" is following Orthodoxwiki policy for reference to the Churches in each country. The "Church of Cyprus" is the "Archdiocese of Cyprus". Of course, in the United States, as in Australia, we have a fragmented "Church". Wsk 05:10, March 4, 2008 (PST)