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The dogmatic relation of the Orthodox Church to Origen's doctrine of Apocatastasis
===[[Isaac of Syria]]===
===The dogmatic relation of the Orthodox Church reaction to Origen's doctrine of ApocatastasisOrigenism===* The anathemas of the local Council of Constantinople in 453, understood by most commentators to be confirmed by the [[Fifth Ecumenical Council]] in 553, posthumously excommunicated Origen and anyone following specific points of his teachings, particularly his protology of preexistent souls and his eschatology of universal restoration of all things "which follows from" his protology:
**''If anyone asserts the fabulous pre-existence of souls, and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it:  let him be anathema.'' (First anathema against Origen)
**''If anyone shall say that all reasonable beings will one day be united in one, when the hypostases as well as the numbers and the bodies shall have disappeared, and that the knowledge of the world to come will carry with it the ruin of the worlds, and the rejection of bodies as also the abolition of [all] names, and that there shall be finally an identity of the γνῶσις and of the hypostasis; moreover, that in this pretended apocatastasis, spirits only will continue to exist, as it was in the feigned pre-existence: let him be anathema.'' (Fourteenth anathema against Origen){{ref|1}}

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