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:PS, when I tried to create an account on OrthodoxSource, I had an Error 403 issue ... I sent an email and am waiting to find out what the issue is. [[User:Ixthis888|Vasiliki]] 13:52, January 22, 2008 (PST)
==Article title==
I like the idea of having a list (with links) of various titles given to the Mother of God; but if I cuold suggest that perhaps it could be given a title that anglophone people would naturally understand? Perhaps 'Titles of the Theotokos'? &mdash; edited by [[User:Pistevo|<font color="green">Pιs</font><font color="gold">τévο</font>]] <sup>''[[User talk:Pistevo|<font color="blue">talk</font>]]'' ''[[User talk:Pistevo/dev/null|<font color="red">complaints</font>]]''</sup> at 22:24, January 23, 2008 (PST)
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