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Symeon the Stylite

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[[Image:Column of Simeon.jpg|right|thumb|300px|Column of St. Symeon, Syria]]
:''"[[Theodoret of Cyrrhus|Theodoret]] says that he became so famous in Rome that the Nomadic Arabs by the thousands believed in [[Jesus|Christ]] and were baptized because of him; the King of Persia sent envoys to inquire into his way of life, and the Queen asked to be sent oil that he had blessed. He also was a great defender of sound doctrine, and confirmed the Orthodoxy of the Holy Council of Chalcedon for many who had been beguiled by the teachings of the [[Monophysitism|Monophysites]], including the Empress Eudocia, widow of Theodosius the Younger. After a life of unheard-of achievements and struggles, he reposed in peace at the age of sixty-nine, in the year 459."'' ([ 1])
His body was taken down three days after his death, and his [[relics]] were sent to Antioch.

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