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Modern usage
The [[Orthodox Church]] often refers to presbyters in English as ''priests'' (''priest'' is etymologically derived from the Greek ''presbyteros'' via the Latin ''presbyter''). This usage is seen by some Protestant Christians as stripping the [[laity]] of its rightful priestly status, while those who use the term defend its usage by saying that, while they do believe in the ''priesthood'' of all believers, they do not believe in the ''eldership'' of all believers.
Presbyters are often referred to as ''Father'' (Fr.), though that is not an official title. Rather, it is a term of affection used by Christians for their [[ordination|ordained]] elders. In this context, a priest's first name is generally used after the word father''Father''.
Priests are often styled as '''Reverend''' (Rev.) and therefore referred to as ''Reverend Father '' (Rev. Fr.). Higher in bestowed honor and responsibility, [[Archpriest]]s and [[Protopresbyter]]s are styled as '''Very Reverend''' (V. Rev.), while [[Archimandrite]]s are styled as '''Right Reverend''' (Rt. Rev.).
[[Monastic]]s who are ordained to the priesthood are known as ''hieromonks''.
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