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{{cleanupstub}}'''Origen of Alexandria''' was a Christian of the early third century who was the first Christian theologian to formulate a systematic system of Christian theological thinking. He lived in a turbulent period for the Christian Church, a period of Roman persecutions and loose doctrinal consensus. He was a [[priest]], [[ordination|ordained]] under controversial conditions. His writings were extensive, much of which is not extant. In later centuries some extreme views by followers were attributed to him and his name was born brought under suspicion. He was anathematized by the [[Second Council of Constantinople]] in Alexandria around 185AD 553 and died around 254ADdeclared an [[heretic]].
==Life==Origen’s full name was '''Origenes Adamantius'''. His dates of birth and death are not known exactly. He was "not quite seventeen" when an anti-Christian persecution began born about 185, most probably in Alexandria, and . He was born into a Christian family. He is was during this persecution that believed to have been educated by his father was martyred, Leonides. This same persecution led He used this education to him being appointed head (revive and teach, as didaskalos) , at the ‘’catechetical school in Alexandria’’ in 203, under the jurisdiction of [[Demetrius]], the Cathetical School [[bishop]] of Alexandria. This was after his father died a [[martyr]] in 202 in the persecutions under Septimius Severus. Origen was then seventeen and apparently succeeded [[Clement of Alexandria]] who had been driven out of Alexandria by Bishop Demetriusthe persecutions.
In 230AD 230, he was ordained a priest in Palestine without the authority of Demetrius who subsequently expelled him from Alexandria.
Parts He died a martyr’s death in the persecutions of his teaching were [ anathematised] at the [[Fifth Ecumenical Council]] 250, probably in 254, and most probably in 553ADCaesarea.
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