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The difficulty with most of these sites is not that they are criticizing Orthodox Christianity as it is but basing their critiques on misconceptions of Orthodox doctrine and practice. Sometimes elements of Orthodox teaching can be recognized, but the way they are put together is often quite bizarre. Irenaeus of Lyons wrote about how heretics took elements of the faith and rearranged them, so that what once was a mosaic of a king becomes an image of a dog (or something else).
The One significant exception to this is Daniel Clendenin, who obviously has done whom many Orthodox Christians respect for being much more thorough in his research. He has a much better understanding In that, he is relatively unique among modern critics of Orthodoxy than the other writers linked here. His basic conclusion though ultimate reason for rejecting Orthodoxy is that "I'm not Orthodox because I hold spelled out in terms of his commitment to Protestant Reformation Distinctives" -- at least distinctives, a viewpoint which draws the lines clearly, rather than proceeding from the position that we all share the same basic assumptions and thatone's honestinterlocutor is drawing dishonest conclusions based on them.
*[ "Why I'm not Not Orthodox" ] by Daniel Clendenin. (originally published in [ ''Christianity Today''])
==Roman Catholic Polemics==
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