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Charitina of Lithuania

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Algirdas was not even born when she died.
The holy and right-believing Princess '''Charitina''' (d. 1281) is a [[saint]] of the 13th century who was born into a royal family but became a nun.
Charitina was born into a noble Lithuanian family in the mid-thirteenth century. Oppressive paganism and civil strife under the Grand Duke Algirdas (Olgierd) forced her to leave her homeland. She sought refuge in Russia, making her way to [[Novgorod]]. Charitina entered the [[Convent]] of Sts. [[Apostle Peter|Peter]] and [[Apostle Paul|Paul]], which had been founded in the twelfth century. Some sources indicate that she was betrothed to the Russian prince Theodore but relinquished her royal privileges when she became a [[nun]]. She lived a strict, [[ascetic]] life and became [[Abbess]] of the convent. She reposed in the year 1281 and came to be revered as a saint of God. Her [[relics]] remained at Sts. Peter and Paul [[church]] until the Russian Revolution.
St. Charitina is commemorated on [[October 5]]. She should not be confused with [[Charitina of Rome|Charitina of Amisus]] (or of Rome), also commemorated on [[October 5]], but who was martyred in the year 304.
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