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Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Zealand

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music=[[Byzantine Chant]]|
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population=~9,588 (2001 Census, all Orthodox included)|
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The '''Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Zealand''', headquartered in Wellington, is an [[eparchy]] of the [[Church of Constantinople]]. Its current primate is His Eminence Fr [[Metropolitan]] [[Amphilochios Myron (TsoukosKtistakis) of New Zealand|Myron Ktistakis)]] has been elected as [[Metropolitan]].
== History ==
===Current Episcopacy===
* Metropolitan -elect [[Amphilochios Myron (TsoukosKtistakis) of New Zealand|AmphilochiosMyron]] of New Zealand, Oct 20052018-present.
=== Previous Bishops of the Metropolis ===
* [[Sotirios (Trambas) of Korea|Sotirios (Trambas)]] of Zela (auxiliary bishop in [[Orthodox Metropolis of Korea|Korea]]), 1993-2004.
* Metropolitan [[Joseph (Harkiolakis) of New Zealand|Joseph (Harkiolakis)]] of New Zealand, 2003-2005.
* Metropolitan [[Amphilochios (Tsoukos) of New Zealand|Amphilochios]] of New Zealand, Oct 2005-May 2018.
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