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Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Sydney

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A profile of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Sydney.
name=Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Sydney|
jurisdiction=[[Coptic Orthodox Church|Alexandria]]|
bishop=[[Daniel (El-Antony)|Daniel]]|
see=Sydney, NSW|
hq=Bexley, NSW|
territory=East Asia, New Zealand, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland|
language=Arabic, Coptic, English|
music=[[Coptic Chant]]|
calendar=[[Coptic Calendar|Coptic]]|
website=[ Official website]
The '''Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Sydney''' is a [[diocese]] of the [[Coptic Orthodox Church|Church of Alexandria]]. Bishop [[Daniel (El-Antony)]] is the ruling [[bishop]] of the diocese, and was consecrated on [[June 23]], 2002.

The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Sydney consists of 37 parishes and 1 monastery.

*Daniel (El-Antony), Bishop of Sydney, 2002-present.

==See also==
*[[Coptic Orthodox Church|Church of Alexandria]]

==External links==
*[ Official Website of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Sydney]

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