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Ancient Faith Publishing

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'''Conciliar PressAncient Faith Publishing''' (AFP, formerly Conciliar Press) is an Orthodox Christian publishing company based in Ben LomondChesterton, Indiana, Californiaand a subsidiary of [[Ancient Faith Ministries]], a department of the [[Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America]]. The press continues to release AFP publishes introductory works on a range of subjects for both children and adults. Authors include [[Frederica Mathewes-Green]], Fr. [[Patrick Henry Reardon]], Fr. [[Thomas Hopko]], and many others. Conciliar Press AFP is also the official distributor for the ''[[Orthodox Study Bible]]'' and publishes formerly published two quarterly magazines , ''AGAIN'' and ''The Handmaiden''.
== External links link ==*[ Conciliar Press Ministries/ Ancient Faith Publishing]
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