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List of primates of Russia

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==1721-1917 Holy Synod==
The beginning of the 18th century in Russia was marked by sweeping reforms carried out by Peter I. The reforms did not leave the Russian Church untouched. After the death of Patriarch Adrian in 1700, Peter I delayed the election of the new Primate of the Church.He established, in 1721, a collective supreme administration known as the Holy and Governing [[Apostolic Governing Synod|Holy and Governing Synod]]. The Synod remained the supreme church body in the Russian Church for almost two centuries. The the Tsar's cabinet member, [[Ober-Procurator]], was a lay head of this Synod.
In the Synodal period, the Church paid a special attention to the development of religious education and mission in the provinces. Old churches were restored and new churches were built.

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