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Andrew (Peshko) of Krateia

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Bishop Andriy was born ''Bohdan Peshko'' on [[April 27]], 1972 in Ukraine. He graduated from the St. Petersburg Seminary in 1993, following which he undertook a year of postgraduate study at [[Christ the Saviour Seminary (Johnstown, Pennsylvania)|Christ the Saviour Seminary]] in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. He completed his graduate work at the Kyiv Theological Academy, receiving a Master's degree in 1999.
Bohdan next returned to the United States, where he was ordained a [[deacon]] at St. Volodymyr's Cathedral in Chicago by Archbishop [[Vsevolod (Maidansky) of Scopelos|Vsevolod]] of the Western Eparchy of the [[Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the USA|Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA]], on [[April 8]], 2001. Deacon Bohdan was tonsured as a [[monk]] in 2004, taking the new name of Andriy. Later that year, he was ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Vsevolod and elevated to the rank of [[Hegumen]].
In October of 2004, the Ninth [[Sobor]] of the [[Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the USA|Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Diaspora]] nominated Fr. Andriy as bishop for Western Europe. During the Sobor, Metropolitan [[Constantine (Buggan) of Irinoupolis]] , First Hierarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA and the Diaspora, elevated Fr. Andriy to the rank of [[Archimandrite]].  Archimandrite Andriy was consecrated to the episcopacy on [[December 13]] (the Feast-day of St. Andrew), 2004 at St. Volodymyr's Cathedral in Chicago. Presiding was: Metropolitan Concelebrating the consecration were Metropolitans Constantine (UOC-USA), Archbishop and [[Vsevolod Nicholas (MaidanskySmisko) of ScopelosAmissos|Nicholas of the American Carpatho-Rusyn Orthodox Diocese]] (UOC-USA); Archbishops Vsevolod of Scopelos, Archbishop [[Antony Anthony (ScherbaScharba) of Hierapolis|Anthony]] (UOC-of the Eastern Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA), Metropolitan [[Nicholas Yurij (SmiskoKalistchuk) of AmissosToronto|Yurij]] of the Eastern Eparchy of the [[Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada]] (ACROD), Archbishop [[Yurij Job (KalistchukOsacky) of TorontoChicago|Job]] (of the [[UOCCOrthodox Church in America|American Orthodox]]), Archbishop [[Job Diocese of the Midwest (OsackyOCA) |Diocese of Chicagoand the Midwest]] (, and [[OCANicolae (Condrea) of Chicago|Nicolae]]), Archbishop Nicholae of the [[Romanian Orthodox Church (Archdiocese in America and Canada|Romanian Patriarchate), Orthodox Archdiocese of the Two Americas]]; and Metropolitan [[Iakovos (Garmatis) of Chicago representing |Iakovos]] of the Greek Orthodox [[Metropolis of Chicago]], who represented the [[Church of Constantinople|Ecumenical Patriarchate]] at the service.
On Saturday, August 23, 2008, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, at the Extraordinary Church Sobor of the [[Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada]], Bishop Andriy, along with Bishop [[Ilarion (Rudnyk) of Edmonton|Ilarion (Rudnyk)]] (elected as bishop of Edmonton and of the Church's Western Eparchy, was elected as ''Bishop of Saskatoon, and Vicar of the Central Eparchy''. This election is yet to be ratified by the Holy and Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, but his Grace has moved to Canada in the meantime already.

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