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42 Martyrs of Amorium

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[[File:42 Martyres.jpg|right|thumb|The Holy 42 Martyrs of Amorium, Passion-bearers.]]
The Holy '''42 Martyrs of Amorium'''<ref group="note">[[w:Amorium|Amorium]] is in [[w:Phrygia|Phrygia]], Asia Minor.</ref> (†845) &mdash; [[Passion-bearer]]s Constantine, Aetius, Theophilus, Theodore, Melissenus, Callistus, Basoes and 35 others with them &mdash; were prominent officers and notables of the Byzantine city of [[w:Amorium|Amorium]], one of Byzantium's largest and most important cities at the time, who were seized following the capture and systematic destruction of the city in 838 AD by the Abbasid caliph [[w:Al-Mu'tasim|Al-Mu'tasim]], then taken as hostages to [[w:Samarra|Samarra]] (today in Iraq) and [[Martyr|executed]] there seven years later for refusing to [[convert]] to [[Islam]].
Their [[feast day]] is celebrated by the [[Orthodox Church]] on [[March 6]].

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