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There are some POV issues here - interpretive calls not universally accepted or taught within Orthodoxy. Once again, I'll push for "who said what, where, when and why." I guess I'm thinking especially of the "egalitarian" reading of Adam and Eve's relationship, which can certainly be discussed here, but is not as easy as this article makes it sound. Also, the comment on Adam and Eve's personal salvation, while it may not be literally wrong, seems to underestimate the significance of their type - e.g. in Adam all die, In Christ, all are made alive... There is no feast day dedicated to celebrating their sanctity. In the tradition, they are not referred to as saints, AFAIK. It seems to me that the halos would be a function of the way they stand in as a type for all humanity, not as a statement of their own holiness. — FrJohn (talk)